About Me

Have you ever had the feeling that the only person you have is yourself? 

Perhaps this is why I prefer to be friends with myself. I like to kill time by reading from the beginning. When people asked what I was doing in the past, my response was always the same: sitting down. I enjoy reading books and allowing my mind to wander to places I have never been before. Reading not only allows me to travel through space, but it also allows me to trace life thousands of years ago. From there, I reflect on what has happened in my life and what I want out of life.

One of my deepest desires is to be able to keep reading and progressing with it. As a result, I realized that I needed to write in order to see where my journey was going: forward, backward, or stagnant.

Actually, this blog is not my primary writing medium because it is less interactive. I post my various short articles on Instagram Stories more frequently so that I can interact with those who respond more easily. People usually respond when I write about controversial topics. In fact, because my social media audience is so diverse, I'm trying to avoid discussing sensitive issues in public. After all, my goal in writing isn't just to express unusual viewpoints. I prefer to tell stories that elicit emotions such as sadness, disappointment, anger, disgust, and so on. But, yeah, I can't control other people's emotions, right?

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in communication science. I received these two degrees from the University of Indonesia, my favorite university. In the professional realm, I frequently discuss these two disciplines, frequently in seminars or on talk shows. But I don't express it explicitly in writing because I'm still learning how to tell a good story with science. Right now, my writing is mostly narrative, but I hope you will stick with me until I can explicitly incorporate science into it.

Here are pics I love the most during my studies xixi. 

The first pic is taken in 2021 (masters graduation) and the latter are in 2018.

Much love,


Rintis Mulyani

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